Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weather Science

Smartboard lesson... great pics!

demonstration of experiment...

let the experiment begin...

ironing out the hidden message from our lemon juice writings...

check out my message...

can you read it?

Look at my picture!

Try the experiment at home... here's all you need....
lemon juice
piece of paper to write or draw something on with the lemon juice
hand towel to cover the paper before ironing
hot iron to reveal your message

Making Words... with Word Mats

Smartboard introduction...

followed by hands on practice...

reinforcing with a demonstration by one of the student pros!

Math with Mr. Wright... pennies to dimes!

Math groups... counting money!

Trading pennies for dimes.

Great practice... fun lesson!

More Great Student Achievements!

Our November Good Character and SKIP Award winners!  Congrats!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Missoula Theater Group - showing us how it's done!

Our volunteer before his make over!

and after!!!!

Volunteer #2 getting made up!

and the finished product!!!!

Good Character and SKIP Awards!


Scary Story Time

Mr. Wright reading a SCARY story on Halloween!


Look at our great costumes!
We had such a great time during our Halloween celebration! 

Halloween Craft with Mrs. Ladouceur

We are very fortunate to have my mom working with us again this year. She is helping us with reading and in the pictures you will see, she loves to share her talent for crafting. You will see the wonderful pumpkins we created out of toilet paper rolls! The kids had a great time!!

Halloween Craft (continued)

Halloween Craft (continued)

Halloween Craft (continued)

Halloween Craft (continued)

Halloween Craft (continued)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thanks for coming to Grandparent's Day!

Enjoy the pictures I've posted below.  At the bottom, you will see my full post... thanks for coming!!!!

Grandparent's Day Fun!

The students had a blast seeing their grandparents.  Thanks for coming and enjoying the music, books and sundaes.  Would love to hear what you thought of the event and the pictures!  Thanks again!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009